Maude Ellen Mitchell Kegg (1902-1996)

Maude Ellen Mitchell Kegg (1902-1996)
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Maude Ellen Mitchell Kegg, or Naawakamigookwe (Middle of the Earth Lady) Ojibwe Elder

Name: Maude Kegg
Event: Death
Event Date: 06 Jan 1996
Event Place: Mille Lacs, Minnesota
Birth Date: 26 Aug 1902 (This date was picked by Maude herself because an exact date had not been recorded. She picked August 26th because it was the beginning of rice season.)

1990 NEA National Heritage Fellow - Biography

Other images of this historic basketmaker here:

This post is one of a continuing series about historic basketmakers. You will find others in this journal with the label "Basketmakers Identity Project". This series is dedicated to the basketweavers of days gone by. Let the women and men that have created the baskets of the past not remain anonymous.
Maude authored a book about her childhood:
Portage Lake: Memories of an Ojibwe Childhood

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