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Marilyn has asked my help in getting the word out to the basketmaking community about her need. Many of you may know her personally or at least recognize her from her attendance at basketmaking events. Marilyn is a member of several basketry organizations, including Northeast Basketmakers Guild and the National Basketry Organization. Here is her letter. Please consider passing on this message and responding if you are able.

September 2011


I, Marilyn Miller, am asking my basketweaving community of friends, acquaintances, strangers for help in this matter of my urgent need for a kidney donor. I am looking for someone who is willing to share life with me! Many people do not realize that a person can live a long, healthy life with just one kidney!

I am at approximately 8% kidney function and have been approved as a kidney transplant candidate at the Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville, FL). The Mayo Clinic has an outstanding reputation for performing kidney transplant surgery, supporting living donor kidney transplants especially, with laparoscopic kidney donor surgery.

I am particularly seeking a living kidney donation as there are many advantages of the living kidney donation over deceased donor transplants:

- Shorter wait time
I will be in better health now to receive a new organ than after a wait of three to six years, or more, of being on dialysis.

- Better kidney quality
The quality of a living donor kidney tends to be superior. With recipient and donor surgeries being performed simultaneously, kidneys from living donors usually function immediately after transplant.

- Better preparation
Once a living donor match is found, the donor and recipient can schedule surgery for their most convenient time, allowing plans to be made for any child care, work notice to employers, and arrangements for care while recovering.

- Better match
Medical tests conducted before surgery and better genetic matches allows for higher likelihood of compatibility. Statistics indicate that half of living donor kidney transplanted today will still be functioning 25 years from now, whereas half of cadaveric kidneys will fail in the first 10 years.

If you, or someone you know, would consider becoming a donor for me and be screened for a match, please contact me at my home phone number: 229-242-8438 or 229-560-8136(cell). I will be ever so thankful to talk with you! I am so hopeful to find that person who will have an enriched life knowing they have been able to provide the gift of life to another human being!

Marilyn E. Miller
1306 Winding Ridge Circle
Valdosta, GA 31605

Marilyn is pictured in the center rear in this gallery shot taken at Arrowmont during the 2007 NBO Conference.
Marilyn's entry in this show "Antler Dance" is seen on the pedestal on the left.

Marilyn's Peoples Choice Award winning basket in
Northeast Basketmakers Guild 2003 Gathering

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