NBO Boston 2011 ~ Textures

Dawn Nichols WaldenNBO Boston_1 035NBO Boston_1 028NBO Boston_1 027NBO Boston_1 158NBO Boston_3 064_detail
NBO Boston_1 159Geraldine WalkingstickJeremy Frey, Urchin Basket DetailLinda FifieldNBO Boston_1 034Lois Russell
Dawn Nichols WaldenDawn Nichols Walden"Anishinaabe" (Original People)John McQueenElizabeth Whyte Schulze ~ Tokyo Dolls, DetailNBO Boston 028
NBO Boston 032Apache Basket at the PeabodyApache Basket at the PeabodyNBO Boston_3 029Elizabeth Whyte Schulze ~ Tokyo Dolls, DetailNBO Boston_3 028

NBO Boston 2011 ~ Textures, a set on Flickr.

Surfaces, textures and details abound in the objects encountered on my trip to NBO's Boston area conference.

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