Full Color Catalog for All Things Considered VI available for sale at NBO Store Cover image Dorothy McGuinness, Citrus, Photo credit: Ken Rowe


Fuller Craft Museum, New England’s home for contemporary craft, presents All Things Considered VI: National Basketry Organization Biennial Juried Exhibition, July 30—Dec. 11, 2011.

The exhibition takes place as the National Basketry Organization (NBO) holds its biennial conference at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass in early August. The show features 32 pieces by invited artists and 16 pieces by NBO instructors in addition to the 37 juried works selected by the exhibition jurors. Featuring both contemporary and traditional methods, All Things Considered VI represents the current pulse of the field of basketry, providing an incredible survey of the methods, materials and intents of contemporary basket makers.

The show was curated by Ann McMullen, Curator and Head of Collections Research and Documentation at the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution; and Bruce Pepich, Executive Director and Curator of Collections for the Racine Art Museum. With the assistance of McMullen, this show includes the largest number of Native American baskets of any NBO exhibition to date.

Terrol Dew Johnson -Bronze Basket - Photo Credit, Terrol Johnson
Pepich brought a savvy eye with his selections of contemporary basketmakers, many of whom are represented in the collection of the RAM, which has the largest collection of contemporary basketry in the United States. Basketry is a time-honored craft, but within it, there are an unending number of distinct historical and cultural traditions. Even when basketmakers work within these traditions, some of the most exciting works are born when artists experiment with new materials, techniques, or forms and create something that stretches the boundaries.

Dona Look - Algoma, Wisconsin - Basket #10-4, 2010 white birch bark and waxed silk thread - Photo credit: Tom Van Eynde Courtesy of Perimeter Gallery
Fuller Craft will celebrate the opening of All Things Considered VI, with a public reception August 7 at 2 p.m. at the Museum. The reception is free for members and free with museum admission for all others.

Michael Davis-Brasstown, North Carolina - A Sybaratic Stance II-Photo credit: Rand & Rawson

Exhibiting artists include:
Jackie Abrams
Dona Anderson
Eric Otter Bacon
Dorothy Gill Barnes
Fern Benson
Lanny Bergner
Linda Bills
Sally Black
Danielle Bodine
Charissa Brock
David S. Chambers
Kelly Church
Michael Davis
Nanette Davis
Renee Wasson Dillard
Wendy Durfey
Emily Dvorin
Carol Emarthle-Douglas
Kathey Ervin
Linda Fifield
George Fitzpatrick
Jeremy Frey
John Garrett
Mary Giles
Ronnie-Leigh Goeman
Louise Goings
Pat Courtney Gold
Hannie Goldgewicht
Paula Gron
Jan W. Henry
Marion Hildebrandt
Jan Hopkins
Flo Hoppe
Lissa Hunter
Kiyomi Iwata
Ferne Jacobs
Brian Jewett
Nancy Ravenhall Johnson
Terrol Dew Johnson
Christine Joy
Kay Khan
Jonathan Kline
Nancy Koenigsberg
Gyöngy Laky
Katherine Lewis
Karol Lindquist
Dona Look
Della Maquire
Arlene McGonagle
Dorothy McGuinness
John McQueen
C. A. Michel
Mary Miller
Norma Minkowitz
Judy Mulford
Leon Niehues
Kelly Palmer
Margaret Pelletier
Jennifer Rife
Teri Rofkar
Lois Russell
Loa Ryan
Amanda Salm
Elizabeth Whyte Schulze
Kay Sekimachi
Norman Sherfield
Lee Sipe
Beth Smathers
Leandra Spangler
Jo Stealey
Donya Stockton
Polly Adams Sutton
Lisa Telford
Maggie Tetreault
Mary W. Thompson
Gail Tremblay
Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk
Dawn Walden
Geraldine Walkingstick
Peggy Wiedemann
Peggie Wilcox
Diane Douglas Willard
Peggy Wyman
Sue Yamins
Jiro Yonezawa
Pamela Zimmerman

Please mention your interest in basketry in your friend request.

Full Color Catalog for All Things Considered VI will be available for sale at the NBO Store
Cover image Dorothy McGuinness, Citrus
Photo credit: Ken Rowe

Terrol Dew Johnson, Tohono O’odham - Sells, Arizona - Bronze Basket
Photo Credit: Terrol Johnson

Dona Look - Algoma, Wisconsin - Basket #10-4
Photo credit: Tom Van Eynde, Courtesy of Perimeter Gallery

Michael Davis-Brasstown, North Carolina - A Sybaratic Stance II
Photo credit: Rand & Rawson

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