Small Expressions 2011

Vessel No. 280
by Lee Sipe
Columbia, South Carolina
photo by Nicholas Sipe

Basket artists are well represented at HGA’s Small Expressions 2011 Exhibition on view at The Tennessee State Museum, June 4-September 11, 2011.

Small Expressions 2011, the annual juried exhibition sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc., (HGA) will feature 39 contemporary small-scale fiber art works (not to exceed 15 inches [38cm] in any direction), by 28 artists from 16 states and 4 countries. Artists selected from a field of 200 entries by Juror Jeanne Brady, head of the Fibers Department, Tennessee Tech University, Appalachian Center for Craft include:

Brigitte Amarger, Seine Port, France
Lauren Bryant, Louisville, Kentucky
Barbara Burns, Chestnut Ridge, New York
Deborah Campbell, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Si-Yun Chang, Bay Village, Ohio
Molly Elkind, Alpharetta, Georgia
Sarah Fortin, Mason, New Hampshire
Paula Giovanini-Morris, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Jess Jones, Smithville, Tennessee
Patricia Kowalski-King, Selma, Indiana
Carole Kunstadt, New York, New York
Carol Lang, Carlsbad, California*
Sang-Wook Lee, Saratoga Springs, New York
Pamela MacGregor, McClure, Ohio
Dorothy McGuinness, Everett, Washington*
Sidsel Moreb, Gainesville, Florida
Chris Motley, San Francisco, California
Ann Mullican, Hendersonville, North Carolina
Emilie Pritchard, Panama City, Florida
Wen Redmond, Strafford, New Hampshire
Jennifer Sargent, Memphis, Tennessee
Lilo Schaer, Ligerz, Switzerland
Lee Sipe, Columbia, South Carolina*
Josephine Stealey, Columbia, Missouri*
Kristy Sullins, Cookeville, Tennessee
Jan Hewitt Towsley, W. Henrietta, New York
Yvonne Wakabayashi, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Marcia Weiss, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
*basket artists

Dorothy McGuinness
Everett, WA
"On Point"
Yupo Paper, Acrylic
9" x 9.5" x 9.5"
Photo by Ken Rowe

These contemporary artists use a variety of textile techniques, and both traditional and non-traditional materials, while paying special attention to the limitations involved in small-scale work. Small Expressions was established at HGA’s 1984 Convergence® conference in Dallas, Texas. Diane Itter, the first Small Expressions juror, noted, “This does not mean a simplification of ideas or image but rather very careful attention paid to all details, without the risk of becoming precious.”
As part of HGA’s Member Excursion Weekend, which includes special lectures, a tour and studio classes, Juror Jeanne Brady, will give a gallery talk at the exhibit’s opening reception hosted by the Handweavers Guild of Nashville at the Tennessee State Museum on Sunday, June 26, from 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Small Expressions 2011 will run through September 11, 2011.
For more information call 678-730-0010.

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