Eco-Art: Materials Recycled, Repurposed, Re-envisioned

An exhibition of imaginative and environmentally conscious artworks made of natural materials and transformed everyday items will continue through May 31, 2010 in Wilton, Connecticut. Artifact Design Group and browngrotta arts will present an environmentally themed art exhibition, Eco Art: Materials Recycled, Re-purposed, Re-envisioned. The exhibit will include works of two types. The first group will be works composed of natural materials, including bark, branches, pussy willows and porcupine quills. The second will involve everyday items, such as clothespins, newspapers, encyclopedias and safety pins, which have been transformed into art.

The exhibit will feature work by more than a dozen artists, including Markku Kosonen a woodworker and basketmaker from Finland, Birgit Birkkjaer of Denmark, whose baskets incorporate porcupine quills, Dorothy Gill Barnes of Ohio who creates “dendroglyphs” by scarring bark on trees scheduled for harvest and Chris Drury an environmental artist from the UK. Also included will be work by California artists Gyöngy Laky and Karyl Sisson. Laky makes vessels of telephone wire and sculptures that combine branches and nails and screws; Sisson re-purposes domestic items like cloth tape measures as art.

The exhibition will held be at Artifact Design Group at 2 Hollyhock Lane (Rt. 7), Wilton, Connecticut. For more information call browngrotta arts at 203-834-0623; www.browngrotta.com

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To read about several of the represented artists refer to these publications.

From The Woods works by Dorothy Gill Barnes (Ohio Craft Museum Presents, Nov 21-1999 - Jan 23, 2000)

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