Basket Weaving Essentials

I have gotten word today about the release of a new basketry video how-to - Basket Weaving Essentials with Nadine Spier. This DVD will help you learn from an expert how to coil beautiful baskets! Nadine Spier of Encinitas California is featured in this instructional coiled basketry video. The author of this DVD is an award-winning fiber artist and very popular instructor. Her beautiful and innovative vessels are exhibited internationally. In this 2-hour high-definition DVD, Nadine provides clear, concise instructions. The outstanding HD close-up photography shows all the steps in coiling a basket! Instruction includes how to start around a stone cabochon, around objects with holes (walnut slices, brooches, etc), 3 different stitches, how to master shaping the basket, how to finish, different plants you can weave with, and lots, lots more! A preview of the video is included on the web presentation so that you can get a feeling for Nadine's teaching style.

In addition to this DVD you can learn from Nadine firsthand in one of her many workshops at her home studio, a conference or even schedule her to teach at your location.

For much more about Coiled Basketry or Pineneedle Basketry visit BasketMakers.com. Visit the BasketMakers Events Calendar to locate other classes or workshop opportunities to sharpen your basketmaking skills. Don't forget you can subscribe to either the events calendar or these journal posts so that you don't miss any of them.

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