California Native Plant Use In Basketry

I would like to bring your attention to the work of a California ethnobotanist, artist, writer, and photographer devoted to California native plants. Deborah Small has collaborated with and documented the gathering practices of Abe Sanchez, Rose Ramirez, Marta Rodriguez, Stan Rodriquez and other Luiseño, Acjachemen, Kumeyaay, and Chumash basketweavers as they preserve the cultural practices essential to their indigenous cultures.

Blog posts including videos about the culture, gathering practices and use of California native plants such as Mulenbergia rigens, rhus trilobata, deergrass, sumac, chia, Juncus textilis, mesquite tree roots, redbud, ironwood are all featured. While you are visiting her site do not miss the splendidly illustrated Edible, Medicinal, Material, Ceremonial: Contemporary Ethnobotany of Southern California Indians 2010 Calendar

Here is a small sample of her work in the form of a video picturing the gathering of deergrass. Please visit her site for more. I also encourage you to stop by BasketMakers.com for much more about the use of natural materials in basketmaking.

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