Fiberarts Magazine ~ Lisa Telford Article

Fiberarts Magazine> How Lisa Telford Harvests Cedar Bark and Her Traditional Pre-Contact Clothing and Basketry

Check out this article in the January/February 2010 issue of Fiberarts Magazine. It features artist Lisa Telford, who weaves baskets, hats and traditional pre-contact clothing from the bark of red and yellow cedar trees. The article pictures a stunning twined hat of red and yellow cedar bark, a cape of red cedar bark, cotton cordage, spun yellow cedar cordage with sea otter fur trim, a twined dance apron and twined baskets of red and yellow cedar bark.

Visit BasketMakers.com for more about Cedar Basketry or select a book for further reading about Northwest ~ Coastal Pacific or Arctic, Subarctic and Alaskan basketmaking.

Fiberarts magazine covers work in basketry, fiber, knitting, needlework, papermaking, quilting, sculpture, surface design, wearable art, weaving & more!

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