Cut the Edge, Weave the Line Textile Arts 2009

You will recognize many basketmakers among the list of contributing artists in the Cut the Edge, Weave the Line exhibit at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA.
Contributing Artists:

Renie Breskin Adams, Mitsuko Akutsu, Kate Anderson, Linda Behar, Lanny Bergner, Mary Bero, Marian Bijlenga, Jerry Bleem, Dorothy Caldwell, Jane Chavez, Marcia Docter, Carol Eckert, Jennifer Falck Linssen, John Garrett, Katherine Glover, Jan Hopkins, Mary Josephson, Kay Kahn, Jennifer Maestre, Donna Rhae Marder, John McQueen, Rebecca Medel, Mary Merkel-Hess, Ellen Moon, Merrill Morrison, Judy Mulford, Kyoko Okubo, Tomie Nagano, Marilyn Pappas, Ann Coddington Rast, Michael Rohde, Lois Russell, Elizabeth Whyte Schulze, Carol Stein, Andrea Uravitch

I did some looking around and came up with references to the show by the artists' themselves or sites that tell more about their work.

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