Basketmaker in the Classroom

I did a presentation in my grandson's first grade class today about my basketmaking. I get a kick out of the kid's reactions to the fact you can make a basket out of a tree or "stuff" you grow in your own garden. It was Tyler's chance to be STAR of the WEEK. He had his mom and dad come in to tell about their musical instruments this morning. [They are both music teachers] This afternoon Grandpa David got to talk about the fishing the two of them do together and Gramma Susi shared her interest in basketmaking.

The students in the class were very interested in how to process splint from a tree. They asked lots of questions about fishing and basketry. Who knows if an interest will be sparked in the creative life of one of those little people.

I think we can all look back and relate times growing up when our parents, grandparents, teachers, camp counselors or scout leaders showed or taught us something that would later lead down a creative path in life.

What was your first introduction to basket making or other crafts?

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  1. that's great, Susi! I am sure your grandson's classmates were very stimulated by your presentation. It is wonderful to connect with them that young. You may have planted the seed of a future basketmaker!


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