Bamboo Basics with Charissa Brock

June 21-27, 2009 :: Studio Intensives at Shakerag Workshops, Sewanee, TN:: Bamboo Basics with Charissa Brock

Course Description:
Bamboo is a remarkably versatile art material. Its repetition of nodes, its hollow structure, and its flexibility create an inspirational challenge to the individual who wants to work with it. Because of its structure, it can be used in an infinite number of ways by the maker. Participants in this class will experiment with basic techniques and tools for working with bamboo including cutting, binding, riveting, and bending bamboo. We will create several small projects, including a bamboo and paper vessel. Participants will have the opportunity to explore creative options, each receiving individual instructor attention. Demonstrations in preparing and splitting bamboo, a slide lecture, and resource information will further help participants understand bamboo as an art material.

Shakerag Workshops at St. Andrew's-Sewanee School adjoins the hollow by the same name. Shakerag Hollow boasts one of the finest wildflower trails in the area. The Shakerag Trail, linked with the St. Andrew's-Sewanee Perimeter Trail, is immediately accessible to workshop participants.

To view more of Charissa's work visit Cervini Haas Gallery.

For more on bamboo basketry visit BasketMakers.com

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