Traditions and Innovations V

Twined basket by Polly Adams Sutton, used with permission

The National Basketry Organization has announced plans for its 2009 Biennial Convention, "Traditions and Innovations V" to be held at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. This event will mark the tenth anniversary of the NBO. Events will include workshops, keynote speakers and numerous exhibits. Classes will be offered by Kate Anderson, Lanny Bergner, Charissa Brick, Pat Courtney Gold, Vivian Harrison, Polly Jacobs Giacchina, Jill Nordfors Clark, John Garrett, Lindsay Ketterer Gates, Herman Guetersloh, June Kersig-Hinson, Caroll Loomis, Kelly Palmer, Melissa Peterson-Renault, Teri Rofkar, JoAnne Russo, Jo Stealey and Polly Adams Sutton. For additional details visit the NBO website.

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