Grow Your Own Willow

Willow Cuttings from Dunbar Gardens, used with permission
Is this the year that you will begin to grow your own willow? If you are a basketmaker or just someone who wishes to go green and live a more independent and sustainable lifestyle, maybe the time has come for growing your own willow patch. Katherine Lewis and Steve Lospalluto of Dunbar Gardens have been growing willow for basketry since 1994. They take orders for willow cuttings from December 15 to April 15. Orders are shipped starting in February, so now is the time to place an order.

They have 60 species and varieties of Salix growing on their farm in Skakagit Valley in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA. Willow is easy to propagate in most soils. An eight to twelve inch cutting taken from a dormant one year old rod is planted directly into the ground in Spring. March thru April is an ideal time to plant. They have willows that are useful for basketry, garden trellises, living fences, furniture, and ornamental hedges. Their website lists the variety of willow cuttings available as well as a willow cuttings order form.

While you are there take time to see the many traditional functional, durable, and beautiful baskets woven by Katherine and stop by her listing of stake and strand willow rod basketmaking demos, classes and workshops on her teaching schedule.

For more about willow basketmaking visit BasketMakers.com

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