Basket Willow Culture By C. D. Mell

Basket Willow Culture: Practical Instructions for Planting, Cultivating, Harvesting and Marketing
Speaking of willow culture... I got a question on the forum yesterday and in the process of checking resources for my response I happened on this book. It is a book originally published in 1908, a publication date that makes it available in the public domain. Basket Willow Culture: Practical Instructions for Planting, Cultivating, Harvesting and Marketing by Clayton Dissinger Mell who was at that time the Assistant Dendrologist in the Forest Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. It includes topics such as basket willow culture, soil requirements, preparation of the ground, selecting the varieties for planting, preparing and storing the cuttings, spacing the cuttings, weeding and cultivating the holt, fertilizing, restocking open places, proper rotation for basket willows, cutting the rods, pruning the rods, sorting the rods, peeling the rods, insect enemies of basket willows, utilizing willow bark, and the economics of growing the basket willow. Aside from the financial data which would not be current after one hundred years, there is a lot to be learned from publications such as this. Keep in mind when it was written as you read it. You may read it online or download it in .pdf format from Google Book Search. Another publication about basket willow culture is this Farmer's Bulletin article from 1914. Many others will turn up in this search.

Telling you about these publications affords me the opportunity to remind you about the various resources for published basketry information that has fallen into the public domain. It isn't necessary to pay online opportunists who charge for this sort of publication on internet auction sites and online bookstores. You see this sort of offering for CD's or reprints of volumes such as this one all over and there is no reason to fatten the wallets of individuals hawking them. In many cases the sellers have violated the terms of service of the organizations who have offered free public access to the publications and then repackaged them for their own profit.

I have assembled a group of resources on locating these publications from organizations and individuals who do provide access to them for free. I encourage you to share these resources with your guild members or anyone else who might benefit from knowing about them. Visit Basket Weaving eBooks eTexts and Free Downloads to learn more.

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