April 09 Crafts Report Issue has Basket Focus

 Coiled Sweetgrass Basket by Debora Muhl
The April 2009 issue of Crafts Report has a Basketry focus. You can pick up a copy at your local news stand or visit their site to read what basketmakers Anna Scarpa McCauley (Free Union, Virginia), Debora Muhl (Spinnerstown, Pennsylvania), Jill Choate (Trapper Creek, Alaska), Karen Zane (Anderson, Indiana),
Keely Berry-LeBlanc (Escondido, California), Melanie Walter (Wilmington, North Carolina), Myrna Austin (Sixes, Oregon), Pamela Zimmerman (Washington, North Carolina), Peg Arnoldussen (Appleton, Wisconsin), Therese Fisher (Portland, Oregon), Jenny Antoline (Montgomery, Alabama), Katherine Lewis (Mount Vernon, Washington) and Sharon Gunter (Sandpoint, Indiana) have to say as they share their business insights with fellow craftspeople.

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