The Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents

The Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents : "Poetry 141 "

This is one of the many basketry publications that are now in the public domain. It includes POETRY AND SYMBOLISM OF INDIAN BASKETRY by GEORGE WHARTON JAMES.

Learn about the many basketry publications including Digitized eBooks of Historic Basketry Books by visiting the main BasketMakers.com site.

Don't buy CD copies of out of print or public domain historic basketry texts on auction sites or other places online until you check to see if they are available free of charge. The linked page lists online articles, books, ephemera, illustrations, manuscripts, monographs, patents, periodicals, webdocs and other historic e-texts of interest to basket weavers. Spread these resources around so that it is widely known that they are available for your personal use without charge.

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